Cerf de Boileau is the private label for the venison produced by Harpur Farms LLC. Our venison is the result of farm management that emphasizes excellent breeding, handling and nutrition. The result is a product of superior culinary standard. Harpur Farms LLC, the largest red deer farm in North America, established in 1989, maintains a herd of approximately 3200 head of red deer on a farm of over 1000 acres.

Techniques used in raising the Cerf de Boileau

Our animals are raised in a natural wooded habitat in a mountainous region of Quebec. This natural environment reduces stress levels in the captive animals and aids in their development of superior body condition. Our deer have permanent access to quality water sources, and are pasture grazed as long as the climate permits. During winter months their feed is supplemented with natural grains. Veterinary intervention is only used in exceptional cases. The rigorous standards we apply to the raising of our deer contribute to our established high standards of quality.

Our animals are selected by very precise criteria; the ultimate goal is to obtain a standardized product of remarkable quality that answers the needs of the market.


The deer are transported by truck to the abattoir located near the farm. Carcasses are federally inspected and then aged in order to attain a superior quality of tenderness. A network of distributors is in place to serve our clients in North America.

Our goal is to offer a personalized product that responds to the varied needs of the market by specializing in the very high quality cuts. The product is always fresh and is supplied to accommodate the precise needs of each client.

Over the past 30 years, Harpur Farms LLC has developed conclusive expertise and “savoir faire” in red deer farming techniques that are specially adapted to the climate of the lower Laurentians. Our mission is to create a noteworthy product while respecting the animals and minimizing stress that is a determining factor in the quality of the product.


Venison Pioneers

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